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Rails 3.0 RC2 Released – Rails 3.0 Final Slated For Release Within the Week

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, a first version of the new Mylyn Hudson Connector is released and a new AIR application for Flex developers is announced.

Confluence TableFilter Plugin 1.0.3 For Filtering

Version 1.0.3 of the Confluence TableFilter Plugin is out now.

The Confluence TableFilter Plugin is designed for the filtration
of data in tables. The filters can be applied to several fields
simultaneously, by specifying the names of said fields. The list of
possible values for filtration is extracted from the table itself,
meaning there is no need for manual specification.

This version supports Confluence 2.8-3.3 and fixes a bug which
barred users from filtering two equal tables on the same page.

Rails 3.0 Final – Released Within The Week?

The second release candidate for Rails 3.0 is out
now – and, unless any major problems are discovered in Rails 3.0
RC2, the final release is scheduled for later this week.
Furthermore, the two new main dependencies of Rails 3.0 (Bundler
and ARel) have entered release candidacy for their 1.0 releases,
and will be released in final form on the same day as Rails

In Rails 3.0 RC2 a list of bugs have been addressed, including
mistaken deprecation solutions; query values being converted to_s
instead of to_yaml; and whitespace errors.

New Mylyn Hudson Connector for Providing Build

A first version of the new Mylyn Hudson Connector is now available from
the Mylyn weekly incubator update site.

The Hudson connector is based on the Mylyn Builds framework, and
provides a Builds view for displaying the status and health of
subscribed jobs using colour coding and weather icons. It also
features a decoration icon that shows the overall status when the
view is in fast-view mode. All selected jobs are shown and
monitored in the Builds view.

Please note that the connector is still under development, and
it is likely that the data model will change in future

New Adobe AIR Launchpad for Flex Developers

The Adobe team have announced a new AIR application for Flex

The new Adobe AIR launchpad is a wizard for developers who are
new to AIR app development. The wizard can generate code to manage
the automatic updates and comes with Idle Time Detection
functionality. Adobe AIR launchpad also features HTTP monitoring
capabilities and allows the developer to import samples from the
Tour de Flex desktop app for experimenting with features such as
Sockets and Detect Storage Device. Adobe AIR launchpad apps are
generated for the Flex 4.1 framework and target the Adobe AIR 2.0
runtime. It can also generate an install badge in a separate

The Adobe AIR launchpad is currently in beta on the Adobe Labs

Take the RabbitMQ Plugin for Grails for a

The SpringSource team are encouraging the community to test
drive the RabbitMQ Plugin for Grails.

RabbitMQ is an AMQP-based message broker for heterogeneous
systems and cloud platforms, and this new plugin aims to facilitate
using RabbitMQ from Grails applications.

The latest release is 0.2 and comes with early functionality for
sending and receiving messages. Please note that before testing the
plugin, you must have set up a RabbitMQ server.

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