New Toad Extension

Quest Software Announce Beta of Toad Extension for Eclipse

Jessica Thornsby

Perform Oracle development tasks from within the Eclipse IDE with new Toad Extension.

At Oracle OpenWorld 2010, Quest Software announced the beta
launch of Toad Extension for Eclipse. This new product
allows Java developers to perform Oracle development tasks from
within the Eclipse IDE.

“Oracle development for Java developers has traditionally been a
challenge and required multiple tools. We’ve seen an increasing
number of Java developers working with Toad and, since the majority
of Java developers work in Eclipse, we knew this was a pain point
we could and should address,” said Billy Bosworth, vice president
and general manager, database management at Quest Software.

Quest Software have previously launched a Toad Extension for
Visual Studio and the Toad for Cloud Databases NoSQL tool.
According to the press release, the company is also planning to
develop an Oracle connector for Apache Hadoop.


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