M2M details emerge

Qualcomm announce Java-powered ‘Internet of Everything’ platform

Elliot Bentley

The company behind *that* CES keynote have teased a new M2M platform running Java ME Embedded 3.2.

Hardware manufacturer
Qualcomm, producers of the ‘Snapdragon’
smartphone chip
, have become an overnight internet sensation
thanks to their
beautifully insane CES keynote

What you may have missed between the on-stage appearances of
Steve Ballmer, Guillermo Del Toro and, er, Big Bird, is the release
of an intriguing new Java-powered M2M platform.

The ‘Internet of Everything’ platform (an already-mocked
spin on the existing ‘internet of things’ buzzword) utilises a
QSC6270-Turbo chipset running Java ME Embedded 3.2. The platform
reportedly includes “several” sensors, including an accelerometer,
light sensor and temperature sensor, but aside from the inclusion
of a 3G modem, GPS and wi-fi, other hardware details are thin on
the ground.

A partnership with AT&T, meanwhile, will allow US-based
developers to test their 3G-connected devices on a live network.
Qualcomm says it expects the platform to be available in the second
quarter of this year.

The inclusion of Java should come as little surprise – in October
last year, Qualcomm and Oracle
that they were collaborating on the then-unnamed
platform. This news was accompanied by two Oracle-sponsored papers
predicting that
M2M devices would be driven by Java
– indicating at least that
Oracle were taking M2M technology seriously.

Despite its awful name, it may well be worth keeping an eye on the
Internet of Everything platform – especially considering Qualcomm’s
deep links with Android handset manufacturers.

Photo by
Zane Aveton

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