Composite Oriented Programming for Gradle

Qi4j Swaps Maven for Gradle

The Qi4j Composite Oriented Programming implementation has moved to the Gradle build system.

"After fighting the Maven build system for years, and constantly looking for alternatives, the Qi4j community has finally decided to grab the bull by its horn and throw it out of the arena. Maven imposes a very rigid model on how to define your project, but has a weak internal model on how a build is executed. We therefore often see conflicts between plugins, plugins make too much assumptions and ignoring settings that are actually provided formally, and not to even mention the fundamentally flawed versioning system," reads the announcement.

The Qi4j team praise Gradle for its "strong internal model for build systems" and "flexible way to establish that model." Gradle's integration with Ant and Ivy, were also factors influencing the move. The latest release of Qi4j is version 1.2.

Jessica Thornsby

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