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Q&A - BlazeMeter CEO Alon Girmonsky talks about his company's launch - Part 2

Alon Girmonsky

Alon Girmonsky


What does BlazeMeter offer/do that other competitors don't and what are BlazeMeter's key features?

BlazeMeter self-service tools seamlessly create extra-large load tests with minimum friction. Every user gets their own dedicated and secure testing environment, available in numerous geographic regions. Users can opt for automatic script generation and always have the option to start, stop and re-size any options at any given time. And, it’s available on-demand.

We also have extensive real-time reporting and monitoring for optimal control. Users receive a full range of fine-grained and interactive real-time reporting, result analysis and recommendations. Users always maintain complete control over their testing resource (logs, CPU, Memory, bandwidth graphs). On top of the graphical reports, we aggregate and expose information from all parts of the test, such as errors, exceptions or logs. Users can query the report to find the most detailed information needed and really drill down.

BlazeMeter also alters the economics of load testing by providing a self-service system that allows users to pay only for actual consumption.

Can you dive a bit deeper dive in to the technology behind it?

BlazeMeter is a load testing cloud powered by our BlazeCluster™ technology. Our technology enables spawning an unlimited number of customized JMeter engines, synchronizing them and aggregating their data into one master set of results, completely independent of JMeter. Needless to say, that due to having JMeter incorporated within the BlazeCluster™ technology, it is fully compatible with JMeter.

How do you see the next few years going for BlazeMeter and the whole market in general? 

IDC predicts that the automated software quality (ASQ) market will approach $2.6 billion by 2014. I believe that most of this growth will emerge from the enterprise market.  

BlazeMeter’s goal is to leverage the gap and completely revolutionise the load testing market. With our testing cloud, users can now practice professional load testing with very little friction in a way that really embraces the new era of open source cloud and agile development.  As more and more computing shifts to web applications, the industry’s need for powerful load and performance testing will continue to explode. We don’t see an end to that anytime soon.

Can people try BlazeMeter and how do they get started?

BlazeMeter is free to try and download. Simply upload your JMeter script or enter your URL for automatic scripting generated by the system. Or, sign up (no credit card required) and receive ten free tests and feel the power of the testing cloud!

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