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Puppet Labs acquires DevOps startup CloudSmith

Chris Mayer

The DevOps fan favourite company bring the Puppet partner under their control to integrate IDE Geppetto and Stack Hammer.


IT automation tool master Puppet
 notches up its second acquisition,
purchasing one of its partners,

Terms of the deal were undisclosed for the
company which specialises in providing tools to aid the ease of
automation for Puppet users. However, all seven of Cloudsmith’s
staff will join the Puppet Labs team.

Launched in 2007, the New York-based startup
Cloudsmith has two main tools -
an Eclipse IDE plug-in for altering and publishing Puppet modules,
, a integration, testing and deployment
service for customised Puppet modules. The assembled stacks are
stored on GitHub, which users can then deploy on Amazon Web
Services EC2.

Both hold great value to Puppet Labs. Cloudsmith
CEO Mitch Sonies said that the Geppetto community had exceeded
“10,000 users in a short period of time”. Stack Hammer “will be the
heart” of Puppet Labs relaunch in August, Puppet Labs founder Luke
Kanies told

IDG News Service’s Joab Jackson
, as the
company invest in a cloud-heavy strategy moving forward.

The CEO went on further to explain that the
company plans to tightly integrate Cloudsmith’s offering into
Puppet Enterprise, their flagship product.

“The Cloudsmith team is stacked with an
exceptional group of technologists who are influential and heavily
involved in both the Puppet and Eclipse communities,” he

Created in 2005 by Kanies, Puppet has become a
favourite of the DevOps fanatic’s toolbox in recent years, for its
elegant orchestration method and the way it creates workflows that
treats infrastructure as code. The company behind it has been an
equally rapid trajectory. Back in January,

VMware pumped in $30m
, seeing great
potential in the automation project for their virtualisation

told the Register
that while future
acquisitions were possible, it would be in terms of “teams and
technology, not revenue streams.”

“I don’t want to look up five years from now and
have 150 different products. Stapling a lot of products together is
usually not a very good experience for customers.”

Puppet Labs will relaunch Geppetto at August’s
Puppet user conference
PuppetConf, in San

Puppets image courtesy of kudumomo
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