Marionette For Puppet Labs

Puppet Labs Acquire Marionette Collective IP

Jessica Thornsby

Marionette Collective framework acquired by Puppet Labs.

Puppet Labs have announced they are acquiring the intellectual
property of open source framework the Marionette Collective.

The Marionette Collective framework is intended to build server
orchestration and parallel job execution systems, and to enable the
discovery of network resources. With Marionette Collective, users
can also select which resources to affect using configuration data
from systems management platforms. According to the announcement,
the acquisition will accelerate the delivery of multi-server and
multi-datacenter orchestration for Puppet Labs’ customers. The
discovery capabilities will be used in Puppet Dashboard.

The Marionette Collective founder, R.I. Pienaar, will join the
development team at Puppet Labs.

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