Open Source Data Automation

Puppet 2.6.1 Supports Running Under JRuby

Jessica Thornsby

Maintenance release adds JRuby support and new extlookup function.

Version 2.6.1 of Puppet has been released.

Puppet is an open source data center automation and
configuration management framework. It provides an audit trail of
all your systems and can aid with enforcing approved system
configurations, by automatically correcting systems that drift from
their baseline.

This is a maintenance release in the 2.6.x series, which
introduces support for running under JRuby. R.I. Pienaar’s
extlookup function has also been added to core, which allows users
to read data from external files with functionality such as YAML
and JSON backends to be added in future releases. More information
is available at the Release Notes.

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