Sisu Proposed as New Eclipse Project

Proposed Eclipse Project Leverages Guice

Jessica Thornsby

Sisu has been proposed to provide a complete dependency injection framework, using Guice.

Sisu has been proposed as new project under the
Technology Container Project. The Sisu fully compliant JSR330
container will provide a complete dependency injection framework,
using Guice, with specific capabilities for bridging to OSGi. It
removes the need to write explicit bindings in Guice modules, and
supports classpath scanning, auto-binding and dynamic auto-wiring.
The Sisu project also targets integration with other containers,
via the Eclipse Extension Registry and the OSGi Service Registry.
In addition, Sisu will build on top of the JSR330 core, to provide
a replacement Plexus container, which is the dependency injection
container used in Maven 2.x.

The initial contribution of Sisu will consist of the JSR 330
based container and Plexus adapter code, currently
available on GitHub
; JSR330 support and containers. There is
also ‘Sisu Guice‘ a version of Guice that Sisu provides a
set of patches on top of; Sisu
; and the Sisu Maven Plugin, which primarily provides support
for the generation of Sisu index files.

The first code contribution is scheduled by August 30th, and the
first builds should be available soon after that.

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