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Pro Scala: Monadic Design Patterns For The Web

Pro Scala: Monadic Design Patterns For The Web

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Title: Pro Scala: Monadic Design Patterns For The Web
Author: Gregory Meredith
Publication Date: August 2011
Pages: 300
  • 143022844X
Language: English
Price: 33.72 GBP

Already know some Scala, but want to take the next step and make practical use of modern monadic design patterns? This is the book for you. This book addresses advanced programming techniques in Scala from the point of view of design patterns for web development. These patterns are discussed across the whole of the processing pipeline, from HTTP requests to storage and back again. Major emphasis is placed on key abstractions from functional programming that are often considered out of the purview of the professional programmer, but that are of key practical importance. Specifically, the book will look at * Monadic design patterns* Zippers and data type differentiation* Delimited continuations These will be applied to commonplace problems facing the server side of a web application, including * IO streams of HTTP requests* Mapping URLs to locations in in-memory and persisted data structures* Mapping in-memory data structures to storage* Managing state in an application that supports presence-based editingWhat you'll learn* Understand monadic design patterns, the new a??objecta? technology.* Apply DSL-based design in a functional setting.* Hack at the type level.* Program at the boundary between structure and control.* Dive into the jQuery UI tools and create image gallery management tools that will allow users to drag and drop photos to reorder the gallery.Who this book is for This book is for programmers with some experience of Scala who want to master modern monadic design patterns and use them for the Web.

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