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Title: Pro Android Best Practices
Author: Haim Michael
Publication Date: August 2011
Pages: 450
  • 1430233397
Language: English
Price: 35.49 GBP

Today's Android Market is flush with quality apps, but it also has a number of buggy and under-performing apps that can turn Droid and other Android smartphone users "off." The Android platform is well known for its complexity—developing an app for Android and doing it 'The Android Way' isn't trivial.

Pro Android Best Practices is a one of a kind book that meets the clear need to improve the overall quality of Android Apps. It provides you with the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to achieve this goal and develop sophisticated apps, including the following:

  • Explains the unique Android platform architecture, its components, and their interaction with each other, including detailed coverage for design issues such as which components to define and how to maintain their interaction with each other.
  • Details ways to improve the performance of your Android app and for solving bottleneck scenarios.
  • Shows you how to conduct test driven development principles to minimize the amount of bugs that may find their way into your Android app, and if necessary debug later, as the need arises, with available tools from Googl.
  • Offers practical techniques from real world common debugging cases encountered by the book's author in his 10 years mobile programming experience.

What you'll learn

  • Best practices for your Android app architecture, intents, activities, content feeds, remote vs. local services, and more.

  • Employ best practices for performance, including threading, content providers, and services
  • Use best practices in your user interface designs, including styles/themes, activities development and widgets.
  • Conduct test driven development including unit testing, using instrumentation framework, robotium framework, JUnit and remote device testing.
  • Debug your Android Apps, using Eclipse Classic Debugger, Dalvik Debug Monitor, Android Debug Bridge, Logcat util, Traceview and device debugging.

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