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PrimeFaces 3.0 M2 Replaces Flash-Based Charts

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Eclipse download statistics.

Other Eclipse Projects Closing the Gap on Java

Robert Konigsberg has published the results of an experiment, in
which he seeded and monitored all the torrents after gaining access
to the Eclipse release a day in advance, as a Friend of Eclipse. He
previously ran this experiment in 2009 and 2010, and has written a
blog comparing the download figures. In 2009, he found that the two day experiment
showed Java EE downloads were a clear favorite, with 37.4% of
downloads being Java EE-related. The closest competitors were Java
downloads, at 20.65%, and ‘Classic’ at 18.37%. Although Java EE is
still in the lead this year, he concludes that “the other major
products have closed the gap.”

Konigsberg’s full report, can be read at his blog.


PrimeFaces 3.0 M2 Replaces Flash-Based

The second milestone of PrimeFaces 3.0, has been
announced. PrimeFaces 3.0 M2 reimplements various functionality,
including ColorPicker, Layout Component, and component event
callbacks. Charts have also been reimplemented using HTML5 Canvas,
replacing the original Flash-based implementation. The DataTable
Columns are now resizable, and jQuery has been updated to 1.6.1.
More information is available at the Changelog.

The next milestone will feature improvements over PrimeFaces
Mobile, and is due in mid-August.


Saros 11.7.1 With Partial Sharing

Version 11.7.1 of the Saros Eclipse plugin for allowing
multiple programmers to develop projects in real-time, and share
each other’s changes, has been released. This release adds a new
partial sharing feature, which allows users to choose a subset of
files, instead of sending the whole project. UPnP support has also
been introduced for enabled routers, so users should now be able to
add a port-mapping to try and get a better quality (SOCKS5)
connection if it is blocked by default. The latest release can be
downloaded from SourgeForge.net.


MP3 Manager Eclipse RCP With Java WebStart

Version 3.7.0 of the MP3
Manager Eclipse RCP demo
has been released with support for
Java WebStart. MP3 Manager is an Eclipse RCP demo application that
showcases some Eclipse RCP features.

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