Final PrimeFaces 2.2 RC

PrimeFaces 2.2RC1 Upgrades JQuery

Jessica Thornsby

PrimeFaces 2.2.RC1 is released with new components; next release will be 2.2 final.

PrimeFaces version 2.2.RC1 has been released with a list
of new components, including a new Spacer, Toolbar and Divider.
PickList, Editor and ImageSwitch have all been reimplemented, and
Ajax capability has been added to Slider. This RC has been upgraded
to jQuery version 1.4.3 and jQuery UI version 1.8.5. The next
release will be 2.2 final, which is scheduled for when the new
commercial PrimeFaces Book is ready. The next release, 2.3, will
feature a redesign and implementation of TouchFaces, and
enhancements to the fileUpload, tree and treeTable components.

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