Practical approach to BPM projects

Despite the obvious value BPM brings to process-intense industries, it still faces considerable headwind. Besides being expensive, BPM is also seen as a complex exercise whose success depends on the intricate interplay of technology and organizational behaviour.

Experts typically advise enterprises to take a stair-step approach to implement BPM.

A new white paper by BPM Guru Mark McGregor, A Pragmatic Approach to Leveraging BPM Technology for Business Success, has good details on how to get it right.

It breaks down BPM projects into seven steps and provides good insight into each of them. It also has tips on how to bring in technology, and navigate organizational complexity.

This is good advice and following it will make BPM implementations methodical and structured. The white paper is particularly useful to project managers, who skip the preparatory work and rush to hit the process-generation switch. 

The whitepaper is a personal copyright of Mr. McGregor, but can be downloaded from Casewise website for free.


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