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PostgresSQL 9.2 released

Having been in development for over a year, version 9.2 of the hipster’s choice of database, PostgresSQL, is now available to download.

We covered the beta release in May, and little has changed in terms of major features: the introduction of a JSON datatype and new range types; index-only scans to improve performance, and improvements to streaming replications, allowing cascading replication. An exhaustive list of changes, including examples of the new features at work, can be found on the PostgresSQL wiki.

The release is being particularly trumpeted for its speed increases, with support for up to 64 cores touted as able to provide up to 350,000 queries per second and up to 14,000 date writers per second - fourfold and fivefold increases respectively.

As per usual, this release and its source are available under the MIT-like PostgreSQL license.

Elliot Bentley

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