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PostgreSQL 9.2 beta becomes available for testing, focusing on JSON and scalability

Chris Mayer

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group have announced the first beta release for the latest iteration of their object-relational database.

Fans of Postgres can now get their hands on the latest version
of the object-relational database, through the announcement of
PostgreSQL 9.2’s first beta version.

The PostgreSQL Project has encouraged users to download
PostgreSQL 9.2 Beta 1 to begin testing and utilise
the major increases in performance and both vertical and
horizontal scalability.

Three new features have been ushered into the fold this time
round. The most interesting of the bunch is JSON
data support
, linking up the object-relational world to enable
the creation of hybrid document-relational databases. New range
types make it possible to support new types of calendar,
time-series and analytic applications.

One new functionality is index-only scans, allowing users to
avoid inefficient scans of base tables and disregard underlying
unneeded ones. This will improve the efficiency of index-only scans
somewhat – they happen automatically but need to be fine-tuned to
be really effective.

Read-only workloads now boasts the ability to scale to 64 cores
and make over 300,000 queries per second (a big step up if this is
the case) whilst there’s also improvements to data write speeds.
Another big change comes in the form of cascading replication
support for geographically-distributed standby databases. This
version also brings greater reductions in CPU power consumption
despite the raft of enhancements.

For a full listing of the features in version 9.2 Beta, see
the release
. PostgreSQL depends on the community’s feedback in these
early stages to eliminate the bugs, maintain high performance and
add in new intricacies, so it’s well worthwhile telling them
via testing
and reporting issues
. You can get the binaries
for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD and
 from the download page and if
it goes swimmingly we should see 9.2 proper, come out in September.
Get testing!

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