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Partners abandoning on-premise ERP vendors? Not yet

Enterprises are not yet ready to shift their ERP to cloud. But that has not stopped the vendors from working on cloud-based ERP systems.

Enterprise Irregular Brian Sommer has commented that ‘partners are abandoning on-premise ERP vendors’. If you go beyond the sensational headline, he notes that three companies, Genpact, Wipro and Hein Associates, have partnered to offer services based on Netsuite’s cloud-based enterprise products.

Of these, Wipro and Genpact are usually identified with on-premise ERP vendors. While it is good that they are alert to the opportunities on the cloud, there is no sign of anyone abandoning on-premise cash cows.

Recently Jaxenter had reported on how ERP on cloud was getting closer to reality.

ERP vendors such as Lawson and Compiere have begun to put their solutions on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). Analysts say ERP on cloud would 'change the cost structure of deploying ERP’, and make ERP more accessible to mid-size companies.

Arun Mysore

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