Developer burnout: An industry disease?
WTF even is it?

Defining FinTech

It’s clear that FinTech is an emerging space that is having a global impact on how we live and how we do business. But how do we define what it is and what makes it so important?

New Kids on the Dock

Docker 1.5 arrives with IPv6 support

Docker 1.5 gives users plenty of features they’ve been waiting for: specifying the file to use in a Docker build, IPv6 support and some extra stats action. Docker’s first release of the year has all the right stuff.

Monitor ALL the things!

Monitoring MQTT things with mqttwarn

All things speak MQTT. Even Japanese IoT toilets speak MQTT. But how does one keep tabs on all your things’ MQTT publishes? Enter a small plugin-packed Python program called mqttwarn.