Stairway to dev heaven

Five steps to take for Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery – continuous roll-out of software – is the buzzy topic du jour. Big companies as well as start-ups understand that customers expect services with continuously improved functionality. The question is though: Where and how do we start? This talk by Andrew Phillips discusses basic requirements for Continuous Delivery and presents a step-by-step action plan to help structure and convoy your Continuous Delivery, preparation and implementation. That includes the building of a deployment pipeline, structure of a application package as well as automated deployments, application tests and more. Filmed at JAX 2013, Mainz.

Looking to #9

A Project Jigsaw primer

Project Jigsaw AIMS to create a simple, friendly and scalable standard module system for the Java platform. This session by Paul Sandoz explains its key goals and design principles, shows its application to the Java platform, and demonstrates how you can use it to create your own modular libraries and applications. Filmed at JAX 2013, Mainz.