Let’s be specific

What is Big Data anyway?

In the second part of his series, “Scaling for Big Data”, Cory Isaacson gets into the nuts and bolts of Big Data and attempts to pin down a concrete definition.

Firing the generator

Code generation with Xtend

Xtend is the successor to the Xpand template language, which was a great choice for developing code generators. Although Xtend is not just a template language for code generation it is extremely well suited to the task. In this session, you will learn about the advantages and cool features that make Xtend a great language for building a continuously running, extensible and maintainable code generator. Filmed at JAX 2013.

Hot slice

Easy-as-Pie local caching

A super handy guide for implementing a local cache using the good old ConcurrentHashMap and lambda expressions. Not quite like Mom used to make, but pretty tasty nonetheless.