Developer burnout: An industry disease?
The popular choice

Java is back on top of the TIOBE Index

The editors of the TIOBE Index predicted it in January, so nobody should be surprised to see Java back at the top this month. Java’s ongoing rivalry with C continues.

API management

Introducing the Varnish API Engine

A new API management tool is promising 20,000 API calls per second in a lightweight first release that’s optimised for mobile and IoT. Varnish CTO Per Buer walks us through version 1.0 of the Varnish API Engine.

Revving up

NGINX Plus R6 unveiled with more everything

Faster load-balancing, better availability and SSL authentication for SMTP mail protocol are among the features in NGINX’s latest premium model. CEO Gus Robertson talks to JAXenter about being open source, the new offering and a developer innovator program.