New Eclipse Project To Bring PDE and WTP Together

OSGi Enterprise Tools Project

Jessica Thornsby

Eclipse project to provide standard tools for the development of OSGi Enterprise applications.

The OSGi Enterprise Tools project has been proposed as a
new project under the Web Tools Platform Container Project.

OSGi Enterprise Tools will provide standard tools for the
development of OSGi Enterprise applications. Specifically, it will
provide tools for creating deployable artifacts for application
servers implementing the OSGi Enterprise specification, in addition
to tools that will help convert Java EE deployable artifacts to
OSGi Enterprise deployable artifacts. The project will also
comprise of tools for editing and validating the metadata of OSGi
Enterprise artifacts, and a generic OSGi server adapter. It will
not provide tools that replace the existing tooling in the WTP and
PDE projects, as it is focused on providing “the missing pieces” to
bring PDE and WTP tooling together, when it comes to implementing
OSGi Enterprise scenarios. The project will also avoid application
models that extend, or conflict with, the OSGi Enterprise

Tools currently under consideration, include an ‘OSGi Bundle
facet’ that will extend the WTP projects with PDE functionality,
and an extension of the PDE Manifest Editor. The initial
contribution will come from tools such as the OSGi Bundle facet,
and its install delegate and install wizard page, and the Dynamic
Web Project wizard, which will be used in the creation of new Web
Application Bundle projects. The initial committers will be Kaloyan
Raev and Dimitar Giormov, both of SAP.

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