ASF vs. Oracle

Oracle Urge ASF To Reconsider Resignation

Jessica Thornsby

Oracle accuse Apache of standing in the way of progress.

Adam Messinger has posted Oracle’s response to Apache’s
resignation from the JCP
, accusing them of “voting against
moving Java forward” in regards to them casting votes against Java
SE 7 and Java SE 8. The ASF voted against the JSRs, amongst
accusations that Oracle were failing to uphold their JSPA
responsibilities by withholding a TCK license from the Apache
Harmony project, in addition to restricting the distribution of
open source implementations. “Oracle has a responsibility to move
Java forward and to maintain the uniformity of the Java standard
for the millions of Java developers and the majority of Executive
Committee members agree,” says Adam Messinger, in Oracle’s defence.
Oracle are urging the ASF to reconsider its resignation, stating
that ASF and its open source projects are an important part of the
Java ecosystem.

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