Hudson/Jenkins Split

Oracle's Ted Farrell Speaks Out on Hudson's GitHub Move

Oracle's Ted Farrell has spoken out about Hudson's move to GitHub, following some confusion in the community regarding the role the online project hosting site played in the Hudson/Jenkins split. Farrell calls the notion of GitHub causing the split, a misconception:

"I had asked to hold off on the github move until we could coordinate with more of the community. I clarified multiple times in later posts that Oracle was "in favor of moving to a git-based repository, including possibly github, and we just wanted some time to evaluate what that means and the best way to achieve it."There was no coordinated plan at that time to move to github. Just a statement that it was done, 6 days before I posted my first comments to the mailing lists."

This echoes Sonatype's Jason van Zyl statement that the move to GitHub was never an issue, it was how this move was executed, that resulted in the split.

Jessica Thornsby

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