Oracle Call Anti-Hologic 'Lobbying' Misguided

Oracle React To JCP Election Results

Oracle have posted their reaction to the news that Hologic were not elected to the JCP. They call the "lobbying" against Hologic "misguided and rather unfortunate for the community," and reiterate their standpoint that, in nominating Hologic, they were attempting to include the end-user perspective on the JCP. After the community started questioning Oracle's motives for nominating Hologic, Oracle representatives reacted by speaking out about this perspective being under-represented on the JCP. In the statement, Oracle acknowledge that they could possibly have clarified up-front why they felt Hologic deserved a place on the JCP, but they "continue to believe that expanding the voice of business-oriented consumers of Java within the Executive Committee will help achieve the shared goals of Oracle and the Java community," and imply that their next nomination will also reflect this belief.

The statement then goes on to discuss Apache's decision to continue involvement with the JCP, and makes a rare comment regarding the debate over TCK licensing, as they reassure the community that "our disagreement around TCK licensing does in no way lower our respect for and desire to continue to work with Apache." Oracle also congratulate Red Hat on their re-election.
New and re-elected members will take their seats on Tuesday, 16th November.

Jessica Thornsby

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