The old JavaFX is put out of its misery

Oracle pulls the plug on JavaFX 1.2 and 1.3 favouring the reboot

As we are already aware, Oracle said bon voyage to the JavaFX script language at JavaOne 2010, after what can be only be described as a unmitigated disaster of a project.

It began in 2007 in the midst of a Java platform renaissance, aspiring to become the only choice for developers when it came to creating beautiful looking multiplatform applications. But perhaps JavaFX 1.0 came about too late in the day, when other RIA competitors Adobe Flash and Microsoft Siverlight were having their day in the sun. People wanted JavaFX for sure, but it felt a bit 'pre-releasey' and failed to capitalise on its potential to gain mass adoption. It wasn't helped by the lack of support to those who wanted to pick it up, or the transfer from Sun Microsystems ownership to that of Oracle - they didn't know where to go with it at first.

Fortunately, JavaFX is undergoing a dramatic reinvention, fuelled by the OpenJFX initiative and is getting a lot of people (especially Oracle top bods) talking about how great it could become. Oracle has hopefully learned from previous mistakes and we hope that JavaFX 2.0 continues to go from strength to strength in the coming months.

The next logical step to etch out the previous iteration of the RIA language as they announced on their blog yesterday that JavaFX 1.2 and 1.3 would be reach its end of life (EOL) on December 20, 2012. More specifically, Oracle say that they won't be providing server access to the JavaFX Runtime for these versions after that date, instead choosing to push JavaFX 2.x as much as possible via making JavaFX 2.0 entirely accessible by a Java API. A shrewd move, we think.

Oracle offered some advice for those still using the fairly ancient language, saying that 'companies and developers who have JavaFX 1.x applications in use today are strongly encouraged to migrate their applications to the JavaFX 2, which is currently available on Windows.' Which they should have probably done a while ago...

JavaFX may have lost the first round in this heavyweight clash for the RIA belt, but you can bet your bottom dollar that they'll have a better defence in the next round, now that Oracle's entire focus is on developing JavaFX 2.1.

Chris Mayer

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