Hudson to Become Eclipse Project?

Oracle Propose Moving Hudson to Eclipse

Jessica Thornsby

Oracle to transfer controversial Hudson trademark to Eclipse?

Following the
split between Hudson and Jenkins
earlier this year, Oracle have
today submitted a proposal to move Hudson to the Eclipse Foundation.
Oracle will be the project lead, and Sonatype, Tasktop and VMware
are proposed as initial contributors, with Mik Kersten as project
mentor. According to Oracle, the Hudson community will be
approached for feedback regarding this move, to ensure their
“opinions are heard before any proposal is finalized.”

“Oracle has always been committed to improving the structure,
predictability, openness and stability of the Hudson project,” said
Ted Farrell, chief architect and senior vice president, Tools and
Middleware, Oracle. “After careful review of the options and
talking with many of our customers and partners, we believe that
contributing Hudson to the Eclipse Foundation is the best way to
ensure its growth and continued success.”

The project proposal states that Eclipse has been selected as
the new potential home for Hudson, in an attempt to formalise the
process and structure of Hudson, and to create ” a healthy, open
environment with well-defined rules, development process and
release processes.”

The proposal is for the Eclipse Foundation to create a Hudson
project in Eclipse, and then contribute the Hudson core code to
that project. According to the project proposal, the Eclipse
project will focus on creating new performance harnesses, and a
fully automated test and release infrastructure. Maven 3.x
integration will also be improved, and additional priorities for
the proposed project will be a standard component model using
JSR330, standard web services using JAXRS and a standard,
Equinox-based OSGi runtime model.

The Hudson trademark will be transferred to the Eclipse
Foundation, and the IP for the Hudson project will be licensed
under the Eclipse Public License.

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