OpenOffice and LibreOffice to Reunite?

Oracle Propose Donating to Apache

Jessica Thornsby

Oracle have proposed contributing the code to the Apache Incubator.

Oracle have proposed contributing the code to the Apache
Software Foundation’s Incubator
, with Jim Jagielski, president
of the Apache Software Foundation, as the proposed mentor for the community during its time in the incubator.

“Donating to Apache gives this popular consumer
software a mature, open, and well established infrastructure to
continue well into the future,” said Luke Kowalski, vice president
of Oracle’s Corporate Architecture Group. Kevin Cavanaugh, Vice
President at IBM Collaboration Solutions, is enthusiastic about
Oracle’s decision and OpenOffice’s future under Apache:

“IBM welcomes Oracle’s contribution of OpenOffice software to
the Apache Software Foundation. We look forward to engaging with
other community members to advance the technology beginning with
our strong support of the incubation process for OpenOffice at

This news comes after Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems and last year, which resulted in many of the leading contributors leaving Oracle and forming The Document
Foundation. The Document Foundation became the home of the
LibreOffice suite, which was based on the code.
However, The Document Foundation have said that this move to Apache
could be the catalyst for a reunion of the OpenOffice and
LibreOffice projects into a “single community of equals,” following
Oracle’s departure.

“We are committed to working with all active community members
to devise the best possible future for LibreOffice and,” writes Florian Effenberger of The Document
. Furthermore, The Document Foundation see an
opportunity to move the entire codebase to MPLv2 or future LGPL
license versions, as the Apache License is compatible with both the
LGPLv3+ and MPL licenses. Effenberger reveals that The Document
Foundation have already been in touch with Apache Software
Foundation President Jim Jagielski, who is reportedly “anticipating
frequent contacts between the Apache Software Foundation and The
Document Foundation over the next few months.”

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