Oracle Breaks Silence!

Oracle Post Statement on JCP

Oracle have finally broken their silence on the JCP!

Following Doug Lea's resignation and his damning statement that "the JCP is no longer a credible specification and standards body," and Stephen Colbourne's string of blog posts – including an accusation that Oracle had an ulterior motive for nominating Hologic – Oracle have finally spoken out on the matter of the JCP:

"We believe that the JCP is and remains a good organization for ushering the Java standards forward. We agree with the need of continually improving the JCP, and will work on that together with the EC. We also note that the EC contains a diverse set of companies and individuals, many of which are among Oracle's most fierce competitors. We believe that an open, vigorous and sometimes heated debate between conflicting interests and differing opinions is a necessary part of hammering out standards that serve the best interests of Java users, and we are confident that a vast majority of the EC members agree with us on this."

The statement concludes with the assertion that Oracle will indeed be submitting JSRs for Java SE 7 and 8 to the JCP vote but, pending approval of these submissions, they will work with other JSR Expert Group members on the finer details of these specifications.

Jessica Thornsby

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