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Oracle JDeveloper Gets OSGi Updates

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Google report names Java “easiest to implement.”

Google Name Java “Simplest to Implement”

Google have published a research paper that compares the performance of
Java, Scala, C++ and Google’s own Go programming language. Google
implemented a specified compact algorithm in the four languages and
evaluated the results along “several dimensions.”Google concluded
that Java is “probably the simplest to implement, but the hardest
to analyze for performance,” particularly regarding garbage
collection, and found the same issues with Scala. Google also
decided that C++ wins out by “a large margin” when it comes to
performance, however, the report also stated that this language
requires the most extensive tuning efforts, many of which are at a
level of sophistication that is not available to the “average”
developer. The full report can be viewed now (PDF.)

Apache CouchDB Gets Native SSL Support

Version 1.1.0 of the Apache CouchDB document-oriented database, has
been released with native SSL support. HTTP range requests for
attachments is now supported, and CommonJS support has been added
to map functions. Built-in filters for _changes: _doc_ids and
_design have been added to the 1.1.0 release. Apache CouchDB 1.1.0
can be downloaded now.

Own Branding for Orion 0.2 M8

The eighth milestone of Orion version 0.2 has been
released. This new milestone adds an Orion landing page, which
displays recently used projects, and helps with getting started on
some common tasks. For additional help, users can now click the
question mark icon in the top right corner of any page, to jump to
the integrated help system.

All Orion pages also now support key bindings, and the Orion app
has its branding, rather than using the default Eclipse launcher
branding. More information on all the changes, is available at the
New & Noteworthy page.

Third Milestone for Spring Data Document 1.0 With
MongoDB Support

The third milestone of Spring Data Document 1.0 project
with MongoDB support, is now available. In this release, the
mapping and conversion support has been improved, and additional
mongo operators have been added to the Criteria class. The concept
of a default collection name has also been removed and operations
of the MongoTemplate are now based on the collection name used for
the entity class that is the target of the operation in question.
More information can be found at the Changelog.

Early Access Draft of OSGi Enterprise Spec

An early access draft (PDF) of the upcoming OSGi
Enterprise Specifications has been published online. Included in
the draft, are two new Blueprint specifications and RFC 146 JCA
support. According to David Bosschaert, some of the specifications in
this draft will be included in the next OSGi Enterprise Release,
which is currently scheduled for release in the first half of

New Oracle Java SE Critical Patch Released

The June 2011 Oracle Java SE Critical Patch is
available to download. This Critical Patch Update contains 17 new
security fixes for JDK and JRE 6 Update 25 and earlier, JDK 5.0
Update 29 and earlier and SDK 1.4.2_31 and earlier.

Oracle JDeveloper Gets OSGi-Friendly

Oracle JDeveloper 11g Release 2 has been announced,
with infrastructure changes that facilitate OSGi tooling. With
these updates, creating OSGi based extensions for Oracle JDeveloper
should now be easier. Oracle have also adopted a modular
architecture to improve overall product performance. Oracle
JDeveloper 11g Release 2 includes Oracle ADF Faces skin editor for
user interface customisation, and updates the ADF JavaServer Faces
Rich Client Components, adding support for JavaServer Faces 2.0 and
new features such as interactive thematic maps. Oracle JDeveloper
11g Release 2 is available for download from the Oracle
Technology Network.

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