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Oracle introduces WebLogic Server 12c

Chris Mayer

Next-gen enterprise application server targets easier cloud deployment

Yesterday, Oracle opened the first door on its advent calendar
of enhancements revealing the latest release of their
self-proclaimed fastest application server WebLogic Server
c – with a distinct focus towards cloud.

The updated server (the first fresh WebLogic since 2009) was
debuted in an online launch and was described as ‘the cornerstone
of Oracle’s cloud application framework’ as the cloud drive
continues on from October’s pledge to head into the market.

According to Mike Lehmann, the company’s senior director of
product management, one of the main features is that the software
is now completely compliant with Java EE 6 : including APIs
and libraries for Java EE 6 components such as Java Servlets, JAX,
JSF and Enterprise JavaBeans.. He also noted that WebLogic
customers are now able to leverage Java EE 6 as a lightweight
development framework and programming model. 

Support for Java SE 7 was also unveiled suggesting that Oracle’s
future focus will now of course be on driving towards full
compliance in Java 7.

He said:

12c has the full complement of JavaEE 6, including
RESTful Web Services, lightweight Web
Services with EJB and the most desired feature which is context and
dependency injection.

Oracle also say they took user feedback onboard by integrating
WebLogic with Apache Maven, which Lehmann noted would make it
easier for customers to use WebLogic within their own specific
build environment.

Cameron Purdy, vice president of Development at Oracle released
the following in a press release:

With Oracle WebLogic Server 12c, customers can leverage the #1
application server to get more out of their existing
infrastructure, dramatically simplify application deployment and
management and accelerate time-to-market with developer efficiency

In addition, with Oracle WebLogic Server 12c, customers are
better positioned to adopt cloud computing and can leverage their
existing infrastructure to create private or public cloud
architectures and then easily move back and forth between on and
off premise infrastructure as their requirements change. Oracle
WebLogic Server and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud provide an ideal
cloud application foundation with maximum performance, scalability
and reliability.

The replay of the launch is available to watch on Oracle’s
website – complete with a Developer Deep Dive into WebLogic
Server 12c

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