Java 6 survives...for now at least

Oracle gives Java 6 extended period of life

Chris Mayer

Java 6 gets a few more days in the sun, as its EOL cycle has been postponed until November 2012, to allow further adoption of its successor Java 7.

Good news for those still waiting to switch to JDK 7 – Oracle
has postponed
the planned end of life for Java 6
, meaning it gets a bit
longer before getting culled.

The plan originally was to end JDK and Java SE 6 in July 2012,
but now the dated version gets until November 2012, to allow more
time for those to make the transition over to JDK 7. Oracle has
updated the Java SE
Roadmap accordingly
 to reflect the change.

Java 6 is already 5 years old and it’s time to put it on the
shelf. But with so many exciting things happening this year in the
preparations for Java 8, allowing more time to ensure everyone
moves to JDK 7 is a good move.

Oracle has also updated the EOL policy to clarify their
structuring for future major releases. EOL for public support and
fixes for Java SE will typically occur no earlier than:

  • Three years after the GA of a major release
  • One year after the GA of a subsequent major release
  • Six months after a subsequent major release has been
    established as the default JRE

For those who require longer support, Oracle offers
Java SE support

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