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OpenXava 4.4 goes for Java 7

Chris Mayer

The rapid Java AJAX framework has released another new version, bringing in some high quality features

The notion of enterprise Java developers wanting a speedy web
framework solution, with no added gripes to their daily development
life isn’t a new one. Several options are now available allowing
developers to create a UI on the fly. One such example of
rapid-development platform is OpenXava, allowing
developers to create an AJAX application, purely from writing Java
or Groovy domain classes. Nothing else is needed.

Don’t think it’s that simple? Check out the code below or look
at this quickstart
: package;

javax.persistence import *.;
org.openxava.annotations import *.;

@ Entity
public class Teacher {
    @ Id @ Column (length = 5) @ Required  
    private String id;
    @ Column (length = 40) @ Required
    private String name;

    public String getId () {
        return id;

    public void setId (String id) { = id;

    public String getName () {
        return name;

    public void setName (String name) { = name;


The latest version, OpenXava 4.4 is out and there’s been
some big changes this time round such as full Java 7 support. Other
new bonuses mostly relate to database controls such as the ability
to t
otal a column when foldering and filtering collections.
You can also filter by range in lists and collections.

In addition, OpenXava 4.4
now supports HtmlUnit 2.9 as well as jQuery and jQuery UI 1.5.2 and
1.8.12 respectively. LifeRay 4.1 is no longer supported.

OpenXava is ideally suited for
enterprises needing AJAX database solutions. If you like what you
see, check out the Changelog. You
can download the latest version
over at OpenXava’s website
. If you’re still sceptical of how
quick it is with the correct tools, here’s how to create an
application with the trio of OpenXava, Eclipse and Tomcat.

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