Folsom no longer stuck in prison

OpenStack Folsom gets September release date

Chris Mayer

We now have a date for the next version of the cloud infrastructure OpenStack as Folsom is set for a September day release

The highly anticipated next iteration of the collaborative cloud
IaaS project OpenStack is expected to be released on September
27th, just in time for OpenStack Summit in October.

Clearly not wanting to hang about, some of the core contributors
behind the project (including Red Hat, IBM, Dell, HP and
VMware) decided yesterday in a conference call to release Folsom in
September, so that it dovetailed with the San Diego conference. The
last OpenStack release, ‘Essex’, was a big leap forward for the
project which claimed to focus on ‘quality, usability
and extensibility across enterprise, service provider and high
performance computing (HPC) deployments’. Additions to the platform
included “Nova” Compute, “Horizon” Dashboard, “Glance”
imaging, “Swift” Object Store and “Keystone” Identity services,
really fleshing out the fledgling offering

For Folsom, the main attraction is “Quantum”,
an overlord for controlling network virtualisation, say the people
behind the project. Quantum will be an automated framework
for managing data center network activities,
 was previously incubated in Essex, no doubt to
make sure they got it right and to make sure it offered the high
availablity it boasted previously.

“There are quite a few real-world benefits of
the development that’s happening on the Folsom release of
OpenStack,” said Christopher MacGown, CTO of Piston Cloud
talking to ZDNet’s Paula Rooney
. “With the on-going
modularization of OpenStack Compute and the newly created volume
service, we’re seeing expanded support for traditional SAN and NAS
from the usual suspects — EMC, NetApp, and

The cloud infrastructure war is truly on now –
OpenStack is moving at a rapid pace from the development side of
things. A recent Design Summit in San Francisco attracted a record
number of developers thus far, suggesting that more and more are on
side. The key committers also realise the importance of keeping the
project fresh, with Citrix’s Apache-donated CloudStack lurking in
the shadows. But with some of the biggest software players putting
their chips on OpenStack and the community thriving, we’re sure
Folsom will push this IaaS beauty onto another

This interview from DataCenter Knowledge, with
Rackspace’s Mark Collier and Jonathan Bryce, reveals
more into what we can expect to be unleashed from

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