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OpenLogic Discover Developers Prefer GPL; Enterprises Prefer Apache

Jessica Thornsby

OpenLogic have published the results of a report into software licensing.

OpenLogic, who provide enterprise open source software support,
scanning and governance solutions, have conducted research into
various open source licenses. OpenLogic have published the results of their research, and it indicates that
although the GNU General Public License (GPL) is chosen most often
by open source developers for their code, enterprises prefer to use
open source software licensed under the Apache license.

Among the 330,000 software packages available in the OLEX
repository, OpenLogic discovered a 68.9% usage of the GPL. However,
users downloading packages from the repository most frequently
selected packages using the Apache license, with 32.7% of total
downloads. Furthermore, data from enterprise scans using the
OpenLogic Deep Discovery scanning tool found that 15.3% of scanned
enterprise applications used the Apache License.

“The take-away point is that simply counting the number of open
source projects under a particular license does not tell the whole
picture,” said Kim Weins, senior vice president of marketing at
OpenLogic. “These statistics indicate that GPL advocates have more
work to do to convince enterprises to embrace the GPL. At the same
time, they show that open source developers choosing more liberal
licenses will lower the barriers to enterprise adoption.”

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