Open Source Web Development Tools for Symbian Platform

Jessica Thornsby

Eugene Ostroukhov has blogged about a new IDE specifically created for developers working on the recently open-sourced Symbian platform.

This Web Development Tools package is build on the Eclipse
platform, and utilises JavaScript Developer Tools and the JS
debugger from Google Chrome Developer Tools.

With the resulting IDE, developers can create a Web Runtime
(WRT) application project, edit HTML, JS and other files, and debug
the application using the Chrome browser as the runtime and Chrome
Developer Tools as the debugger UI. It is also possible to import
an existing WRT project which includes a WRT Previewer. This WRT
Previewer allows the WRT widget to be previewed in a desktop web

Developers can also create a built state based on the project
contents, and then keep that built state synchronised as the
project contents change, using the Web Development Tools
incremental project builder.

 Release builds are currently scheduled for March 31st, but
the source code is already available from the
Symbian Developer website. The Symbian Foundation are calling for
the community to test the sources and provide them with

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