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Official node.js AWS SDK released

Another feather landed in node.js’ cap today as Amazon Web Services released an official SDK written specifically for the trendy JavaScript-based server environment.

Deployed to the official Node Packaged Modules (npm) repository,, the SDK so far only supports four of the most popular Amazon services: S3, EC2, DynamoDB, and Simple Workflow Service, though more are promised in the future.

AWS’s SDK joins over sixty AWS-related modules already present on the npm repository, ranging from a simple “start and stop button for EC2 instances” to full-blown unofficial APIs. For now, these look safe: after all, the official SDK only provides access to four services. Plus, with an open source base, node.js developers can easily pick up Amazon’s slack.

Andrew Chilton, developer of AwsSum, was similarly positive, posting a message to the AwsSum mailing list saying “competition [..] makes things better in the long run for everyone concerned” and insisting that development would continue.

With SDKs already available for Java, Ruby, PHP, .NET, iOS and Android, adding additional languages is an obvious choice - but prioritising node.js seems perhaps less so. It may be a reflection of the increasing popularity of the JavaScript-based environment, which has so far been written off as ‘the hipster’s choice’ of server-side languages.

For those interested in the SDK, it’s available on npm now, and there’s further documentation at

Elliot Bentley

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