Make room for one more cloud heavyweight

Nimbula joins OpenStack community

Chris Mayer

As the Grizzly Design Summit gets underway, Nimbula pledge their allegiance to the open cloud infrastructure project

Riding on a high from last month’s Folsom
, the OpenStack community have brought another
big hitter to the table in cloud operating system manufacturer

The news, announced ahead of San Diego’s
OpenStack Grizzly Design Summit
, is a big boost to the
cloud infrastructure collective, with the Mountain View company
pledging to use OpenStack core technology in future releases,
alongside its own automated, highly scalable, self-service cloud
software. The expertise provided by the company that built Amazon
EC2 will also undoubtedly prove invaluable to the OpenStack

Nimbula Director is the company’s flagship product, and allows
enterprises to build large-scale fully-functional infrastructure
services in a matter of hours. Customers already using Nimbula
Director include Russian Internet company Yandex and US Government
service provider Solers, both in need of high level orchestration
in their working environments. Director also eliminates the
complexities of deploying a private, hybrid or public cloud:
something which the OpenStack community are keen to reduce

Reza Malekzadeh, VP of marketing and sales at Nimbula, explained
that OpenStack’s “strong industry momentum” was one of the reasons
for jumping onboard.

He added: “Our customers appreciate the advanced functionality,
scale and security model we provide, but have been asking us about
a standardised one. We are excited to now be in a position to work
with the OpenStack community to deliver a range of extended
infrastructure and platform services around an industry-standard

“We welcome Nimbula’s participation in OpenStack, their commitment
to contribute code and eagerness to collaborate with the technical
community,” said Mark Collier, COO of the OpenStack Foundation. “As
cloud technology leaders continue to back the project and drive
adoption, we move closer to achieving the OpenStack mission of
being the ubiquitous cloud computing platform.”

“OpenStack is the right idea and project, and having smart,
innovative companies join the initiative is a positive step,” said
Ben Kepes, industry observer and commentator. “Nimbula has great
technology and expertise and their joining OpenStack will help
develop it as the Cloud platform of choice for the market.”

They may have waited to see OpenStack take off, but Nimbula’s
decision to join the OpenStack community is great news for the
other members. Their experience in the market, as well as their
intentions to be an active member could end up being decisive, as
the project moves forward into 2013.

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