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Nexus Version 1.6 Released

Jessica Thornsby

New version of Nexus Professional, powered by Google Guice, and Nexus Open Source.

Nexus 1.6 is now available in both Nexus Open
Source and Nexus Professional flavours.

is a repository manager that manages software artifacts required
for development, deployment, and provisioning.

Nexus Open Source now supports auto block/unblock for
unreachable remote repositories and a new User Interface (UI) for
filing issues and reporting problems. This release removes the
‘public snapshots’ group from Nexus’ default configuration. Now,
the only default repository group in Nexus Open Source is the
‘Public’ group.

With Nexus Professional 1.6, the Staging Profile can define a
target promotion repository. Previously, the user had to select the
target hosted repository when they were promoting a staging
repository. The POM Validation now tests for the presence of
repositories and plugin Repositories, and the Nexus REST API with
Enunciate is fully documented. This version of Nexus Professional
is powered by Google’s Guice, as oppose to the previous Plexus.

The Open Source edition can be downloaded now. Information on purchasing the Nexus
Professional is available at the Sonatype website.

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