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Facebook, GitHub, Google and Twitter have formed the ultimate open source alliance

Silicon Valley has just launched an open source offensive, drawing a line between true advocates and the open source pretenders.

Proprietary vs Open Source

Neo4J and the power of Open Source

Neo4J's Max de Marzi shows us why working with open-source software can be way better than the proprietary equivalent.

Holy Gradle

Gradle 2.1 brings a new build tool and plugin portal

[Cue singing choir of angels] Gradle's latest and greatest makes it way easier to get plugins with its very own plugin portal.

A quest begins

Metanautix unveils Quest, a data compute engine for all file types

CEO of Metanautix speaks to JAXenter about their latest venture into big data analytics: Quest.

DB engine comparison

The top 10 SQL and NoSQL databases

A comparison of the major features of the top ten SQL and NoSQL databases.

Payment security

Online payment risk management with Neo4j

Max De Marzi shows us how to increase payment security by using Neo4j to check for relationships that increase the risk.

Paradigm smashing

In Flux: Martin Lippert on the mission to bridge the desktop and cloud IDE divide

Pivotal‘s Martin Lippert outlines Eclipse's groundbreaking new server-facing project.


Foul-mouthed developers: Which community curses most?

It's no secret that programmers like to curse. But who curses most? Java-heads? C++ developers? PHP programmers?

IoT interview

How Germany is struggling with the Internet of Things

Leading German IoT specialist Mostafa Akbari speaks about security problems and keeping up with US innovation.

UI Framework

Why you'll want to check out Vaadin 7.3's new Valo Theme Engine

The latest release of the UI framework Vaadin has added a brand new theme engine designed to increase your productivity and make your life easier.

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