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All sorts of relationships

Data Modelling 101

Cory Isaacson gives us a crash-course guide to Data Modelling, in the first of a three part series.

Mo' data, mo' costs

Database indexing

What's the key to creating a successful database? And what's standing in your way from achieving it? Cory Isaacson lays it out for us.

Really buzzing

HornetQ and ActiveMQ: Messaging - the next generation

The dev teams behind free messaging broker HornetQ and ActiveMQ appear to be considering closer collaboration.

No big problem

Hadoop isn't ready for the elephant graveyard

Google might have ditched its old tried and tested formula, but DataTorrent’s John Fanelli has some choice words for Hadoop detractors.

Throwing out sparks

DataStax Enterprise 4.5 out of the box

Inside the ‘lightning fast’ new release from the Cassandra database experts.

White hat hacking

Security holes? Who cares?

To err is human, but to ignore the warnings of independent security researchers is just downright silly, writes Arne Blankerts.

Sofa so good

Couchbase raises the stakes with $60m of funding

With the maturation of NoSQL, investors are increasingly turning away from the old school enterprise database providers.

Welcome to the jungle

M2M, IoT, device management: one protocol to rule them all

The term “Internet Things” represents a colourful spectrum of technologies, including HTTP, CoAP, lightweight M2M and OMA-DM. Julien Vermillard helps us navigate.


Making the interconnected future WunderBar

The story behind the device blending software and hardware in one chunky package.

JCP for you and me

Azul Systems CTO on Lambda binging and upping Java community input

Gil Tene explains why he’d like to see wider participation in putting together final Java builds, and why we‘re going to see some overuse of certain Java 8 features.

Making a splash

Docker hits 1.0 release milestone

Open source superstar Docker 1.0 is now GA, complete with stable production-ready, backward compatible and feature-complete software.

Hot stack

Elasticsearch enjoys $70 million cash injection

Proving that open source can indeed bring in the goods, Apache Lucene grounded data engine has now racked up a total of $100m over past 18 months.

Power of three

Putting Java EE in the browser: JBoss web framework Errai at 3.0 status

Client-side tech undergoes tweaks to Remote Procedure Call mechanism and other improvements.

News to crunch on

Could the new Swift language lure more JVM devs to the iOS side?

Apple surprises everyone by unveiling new Javascript/Python/Rust/C++-influenced programming language.

Going up

WildFly 8.1 fully hatched

With a sleek and slimmed down admin console and host of bug fixes, latest update of application server ready to fly,

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