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“If you are currently using AS7, then you should really check out WildFly”

WildFly project lead Jason Greene outlines the best reasons for switching to the server, what he likes about Java 8, and the road ahead for the server.

It's free, it's fresh, it's ready now!

What's the latest on JavaFX? Find out in the latest issue of JAX Magazine

Download the latest issue of JAX Magazine to find out about the Kickstarter making the Internet of Things that bit sweeter, get your kids coding, and more.

Deep dish

JavaFX and Near Field Communication on the Raspberry Pi

Learn how to use Java SE 8 to communicate with a near field communication (NFC) card reader, show a status message on a screen, or send information to a back-end system.

A la node

Processing on the Grid

Why do traditional cache semantics sometimes struggles to scale, and what can we do about it?

Hold the chuckles

Oracle scaling out to NoSQL domination?

The Register claims that the San Francisco giant is about to attack enterprise market gap by establishing a NoSQL standards body. And it might not be such a crazy idea.

Drink to that

From smart grids to microbrews

Internet of Things innovators V2COM use Java to connect millions of intelligent devices - here's their story.

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Getting Started with the Play Framework

What makes Play so special? In the first of a two part series, find out how you can tap into the latest trends with this innovative framework.

Seal learns new trick

No-SQL-flavored MariaDB release goes live

MariaDB 10 is now GA, complete with “Connect engine” for easy data wrangling from both traditional SQL databases and sharding functionalities.

Inside AdaCore

“Security is one of the biggest problems for the IoT right now”

AdaCore’s Jamie Ayre talks Ada development, embedded, and the perils of the Internet of Things.

Building an IoT Babel

Industrial Internet Consortium forms to drive forward next “revolution”

Not for profit corporate group joins Eclipse and M2M Alliance in fight to accelerate development of a safe and organized Internet of Things.

New coil

Spring Framework 4.0.3 pops out of the box, ready of all your Java 8 needs

First post-platform update release for the framework built with OpenJDK 8 GA includes the latest ASM 5.0.1.

Horton hears Wall Street calling

Hortonworks collects $100m in funding for Hadoop ecosystem

Apache Hadoop solutions specialist receives cash boost to put towards “aggressive” march towards HortonWorks IPO.

Take note

Log everything!

Want to transform your business into a data driven powerhouse? Of course you do. Stefan Schadwinkel and Mike Lohmann show you how.

You say goodbye and I say hello

Newly repopulated Basho partners with Talend

Riak vendors may have shed a CEO, CTO and Chief Architect this year, but the NoSQL company is still making friends in the space.

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