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Conceptual curve

A new front for SOA: Open API and API management as a game changer – Part II

The continuation of our deep dive into Open Api – taking a look at the management products.

Conceptual curve

A new front for SOA: Open API and API management as a game changer – Part I

A deep dive into the concepts of Open API and the obstacles and opportunities it presents.

Key-value store

Ever heard of HamsterDB?

Licensed by Apache-2, Hamster DB is a database system similar to other key-value stores except that its keys can be defined.

Coding to music

Why you should listen to music while coding (and what kind to listen to)

Is there such a thing as the ‘right’ music for programming? And can we even be sure it has a good effect?

Pulling the plugins

Microsoft and Java: Internet Explorer’s next patch to block old Java ActiveX plugins

Microsoft’s browser says it has had it with ActiveXploitation and will begin blocking old controls from Internet Explorer 8

Little thing...big mess

Simple SQL injection vulnerability to blame for biggest ever theft of passwords

Securing an API against SQL injection is relatively simple, and yet 420,000 websites have fallen victim to the old-school hack

What’s the big idea?

Actian launches its Big Data Clear Path Program for faster analytics insights

Actian tell us about how their new analytics program is going to make big data projects easier for all of us

Here we go again

Half of security pros believe Java apps are vulnerable to attacks

While Java struggles frantically to restore its image, experts still doubt the language’s security

All sorts of relationships

Data Modelling 101

Cory Isaacson gives us a crash-course guide to Data Modelling, in the first of a three part series.

Mo' data, mo' costs

Database indexing

What's the key to creating a successful database? And what's standing in your way from achieving it? Cory Isaacson lays it out for us.


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