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Oracle OpenWorld 2014

JavaOne 2014 kicks off to a timid start

In spite of big changes at the helm of Oracle, the highly anticipated JavaOne keynote was an uninspiring start to the annual conference.

On demand

JavaOne: watch keynotes online

Java One takes place in San Francisco from Sunday 28th of September to Thursday 2nd of August.

8 for 8

Java EE 8 JSRS approved

The Java Community Process executive committee has approved eight requests for Java 8.

Clean up your data

One magic SQL trick every developer should know

Lukas Eder introduces us to one SQL function that will clean up your data and change your life. Well, maybe not that last bit.

Web shop data

Clustrix changes its SQL database strategy to focus on e-commerce

Clustrix CEO Mike Azevedo explains what his company is doing to make its database more appealing to e-commerce enterprises.

Space programming

Developing NASA's mission software with Java

Ahead of their talk at the JavaOne, four of NASA's top engineers explain the role that Java, JavaFX and NetBeans play in NASA's space missions.

The chaos of innovation

Do we really need this many IoT protocols?

The Internet of Things is flourishing with a 'diverse' range of protocols. But isn't 200 overdoing it a bit?

A publicity masterpiece

Larry Ellison’s game of thrones

Why Larry Ellison's power reshuffle at Oracle is one of the greatest PR stunts in the history of Silicon Valley.

Are there alternatives?

Java EE 8 will not include Configuration JSR for Java EE applications

Reza Rahman confirms the announcement made earlier in the week by Anatole Tresch of Credit Suisse and encourages a search for other options.

NoSQL growth

Hazelcast raises $11 million in funds for further NoSQL expansion

This is an exciting time to be in the field of In-Memory Data Grids, explains Hazelcast's Miko Matsumura.

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