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Hip tech

The in-tools: ten technologies you should know about

RebelLabs has created a list of the modern tech world's most popular new programs and languages – how many do you know?

In the gang

Rebranded CDI 2.0 joins the JCP

Next major iteration of standard for dependency injection in Java makes its arrival to the Java Community Process.

Rebel, rebel

JRebel 5.6.1 release arrives with updates aplenty

Zeroturnaround’s latest update to its redeployment-avoiding flagship tool brings plenty of fun for Java devs

Cop to it

Testing times for Oracle's in-memory database option

Software giant under fire for buggy software and stealthy default charges.

Engineering choices

Eclipse, NetBeans or IntelliJ: Which is the best Java IDE?

Eclipse’s Luna release brought a range of interesting new functions – but how does the Java IDE stand up to rivals NetBeans and IntelliJ?

Plank manouvers

Yet another 10 common mistakes Java developers make when writing SQL (You won’t BELIEVE the last …

Java devs, Lukas Eder is on a SQL mission - and while you keep bungling, he'll keep calling you out!

Scaling up

The future steps of Scala – What to expect from upcoming releases

The "oohs" and the "arghs" of Scala's forthcoming 2.12 and 2.13 series releases.

What’s the big idea?

Actian launches its Big Data Clear Path Program for faster analytics insights

Actian tell us about how their new analytics program is going to make big data projects easier for all of us

Overshadowed by competition

Mighty Amazon’s AWS cloud is struggling

Google and Microsoft have succeeded in slowing down the cloud giant’s revenue growth.

Most wanted

What’s the language everyone’s looking for?

Java developers continue to lord it over everyone on the pay front, but it seems there’s another group in even more demand.

No Bull!

How far wide open is Microsoft going?

Microsoft announces big policy on open source to change - to mixed reception.

Scaling out

Python squeezes out Java to be top learning language

8 out of 10 newbie devs are now getting their first taste of programming at uni with the multi-paradigm lingo.

Here we go again

Half of security pros believe Java apps are vulnerable to attacks

While Java struggles frantically to restore its image, experts still doubt the language’s security


Scala "bugfix release" now ready to download

2.11.2 now available from Maven Central, with 49 issues resolved and 70 pull requests reviewed and merged.

Needle in a haystack

Why is it so hard to find good Java developers?

Here are some of the most common arguments why recruiting a good Java developer is damn near impossible

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