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Oracle OpenWorld 2014

JavaOne 2014 kicks off to a timid start

In spite of big changes at the helm of Oracle, the highly anticipated JavaOne keynote was an uninspiring start to the annual conference.

On demand

Java One: watch keynotes online

Java One takes place in San Francisco from Sunday 28th of September to Thursday 2nd of August.

8 for 8

Java EE 8 JSRS approved

The Java Community Process executive committee has approved eight requests for Java 8.

Are there alternatives?

Java EE 8 will not include Configuration JSR for Java EE applications

Reza Rahman confirms the announcement made earlier in the week by Anatole Tresch of Credit Suisse and encourages a search for other options.

NoSQL growth

Hazelcast raises $11 million in funds for further NoSQL expansion

This is an exciting time to be in the field of In-Memory Data Grids, explains Hazelcast's Miko Matsumura.

JAX speaker interviews

Nigel Runnels-Moss on how psychology and cognitive science play a role in programming

JAX London speaker Nigel Runnels-Moss speaks to JAXenter ahead of his session. Read on to see why Nigel is not looking forward to Java 9 and see what advice he would give to…


5 JavaOne 2014 sessions you wish you could attend

From Java in spaceships to Java horror stories, this year's Java pilgrimage proves more than ever that the Java language is alive and kicking.

Language wars

The top 20 programming languages: the GitHut and Tiobe rankings

Java has to settle for second best in the GitHut and Tiobe lists of the most popular programming languages.

Programming politics

What Scottish independence could mean for developers

A yes vote in the upcoming Scottish referendum could have some interesting results for programmers – or absolutely none at all.

Holy Gradle

Gradle 2.1 brings a new build tool and plugin portal

[Cue singing choir of angels] Gradle's latest and greatest makes it way easier to get plugins with its very own plugin portal.

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