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API design

The Java fluent API designer crash course

A guide to creating fluent APIs and mapping them to Java.

JDK update

Java Development Kit 8u20 update arrives with new enterprise features

Oracle’s latest update to the JDK arrives with much focus on commercial side of Java

Waiting on nine

Java 9 features announced!

New APIs, performance features and modular source code are the first features to be confirmed for Oracle’s next major Java release

Functional programming

5 reasons you should care about functional programming

Even if you don't think you need to care about functional programming, you should. There are plenty of reasons for Javaheads to know more about them: W-Jax speaker Neal Ford…

A barrier-free language

Accessibility JEP: JavaFX to become more accessible

A new accessibility JEP is bringing accessibility support to JavaFX with screen readers and a high-contrast mode.

Java pain points

The 10 most annoying things about Java after using Scala

It's not easy speaking two languages. Once you learn that there are other, better way to code, you're forever destined to compare the pros and cons of different languages.

Xpand your horizons

Xtend – a quick look at the pros and cons of an up-and-coming JVM alternative

It’s got lambdas, it’s flawlessly interoperable with Java and it’s also a cinch to learn for Java devs. So what’s the catch?

Java Raspberries

How to deploy, debug and profile Java on the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi experts from around the world talk us through the nitty-gritty of Java on the Raspberry Pi.

Have we met?

Introducing Erjang: Erlang for the JVM

Where have you been all this time? Erjang takes the nifty language of Erlang to the JVM.

Pulling the plugins

Microsoft and Java: Internet Explorer’s next patch to block old Java ActiveX plugins

Microsoft’s browser says it has had it with ActiveXploitation and will begin blocking old controls from Internet Explorer 8

Java envy

Top 10 Ceylon language features Java wishes it had

Java 8 did well to steal ideas from Scala, but here's a list of sweet Ceylon programming features that Java developers can still only dream about.

First major release

Eclipse meets JavaFX: What’s new in e(fx)clipse 1.0?

Eclipse’s IDE tooling and runtime platform for JavaFX is bring out its first major release

Best of NetBeans

The top 10 NetBeans features according to its users

From Maven to the Profiler, NetBeans community members tell us their all-time top ten reasons they're glad they work with this IDE.

What’s new pussycat?

Apache Tomcat 7 cranks out another release – Tomcat 8 remains stable

Apache Tomcat is back with more tweaks to the Java community’s favourite app server

First bite

A first glimpse at Java 9: early access release of JDK9 on OpenJDK

OpenJDK has released a sneak peek of Java 9 with basic improvements for early adopters

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