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Iterating all the time

Java 8 support in Eclipse

Martin Lippert talks about the latest Java release and the ups, downs, and aspirations of Eclipse IDE development.

Let it flow

Getting started with Java 8 Streams

Puzzling out streams in Java 8? This tutorial will get you off on the right foot.

The buzz

“If you are currently using AS7, then you should really check out WildFly”

WildFly project lead Jason Greene outlines the best reasons for switching to the server, what he likes about Java 8, and the road ahead for the server.

New heights

Java 8: Explore the possibilities

Timothy Beneke takes you from embedded to cloud possibilities in Java 8 thanks to "the most significant expansion" to date.

Sort it out

Processing Data with Java SE 8 Streams, Part 1

Raoul-Gabriel Urma shows you how to use steam operations to express sophisticated data processing queries.

It's free, it's fresh, it's ready now!

What's the latest on JavaFX? Find out in the latest issue of JAX Magazine

Download the latest issue of JAX Magazine to find out about the Kickstarter making the Internet of Things that bit sweeter, get your kids coding, and more.

Deep dish

JavaFX and Near Field Communication on the Raspberry Pi

Learn how to use Java SE 8 to communicate with a near field communication (NFC) card reader, show a status message on a screen, or send information to a back-end system.

A la node

Processing on the Grid

Why do traditional cache semantics sometimes struggles to scale, and what can we do about it?

Lifting off

Java ME 8 and the Internet of Things

An overview of the platform poised to help lift the Internet of Things revolution into orbit.

Put a note on it

JSR 308 Explained: Java Type Annotations

Josh Juneau presents the case for type annotations, illustrated with some examples of where they come to the fore.

Wiggle wiggle

How Java helped OpenWorm wriggle to life

Inside the open source Java project dedicated to creating a virtual organism inside a computer.

Drink to that

From smart grids to microbrews

Internet of Things innovators V2COM use Java to connect millions of intelligent devices - here's their story.

Voices of the peeps

JSONB and security simplification top wish list for Java EE 8

With final community survey results all in, Java EE 8 blueprint is slowly coming together.


Did you spot these techie April Fools' gags?

From a subversive Git to Comic Sans at CERN, a roundup of our favourite tech pranks from around the web.

Inside AdaCore

“Security is one of the biggest problems for the IoT right now”

AdaCore’s Jamie Ayre talks Ada development, embedded, and the perils of the Internet of Things.

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