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Engine of disruption

Nginx interview: Going enterprise and launching Nginx Plus r4

CEO Gus Robertson talks about the company’s growing user base and what it is that’s made Nginx the most popular web server

Mission to Mars

Eclipse looks ahead with focus on stability and performance enhancements

Paul Webster chats with JAX about the latest developments on the platform and the next big goals for the community.

Throwing out sparks

DataStax Enterprise 4.5 out of the box

Inside the ‘lightning fast’ new release from the Cassandra database experts.

Engine that can

Why Nginx is outmaneuvering Apache

CEO Gus Robertson gives JAX the full story on the reverse proxy server with serious ambitions.

Welcome to the jungle

M2M, IoT, device management: one protocol to rule them all

The term “Internet Things” represents a colourful spectrum of technologies, including HTTP, CoAP, lightweight M2M and OMA-DM. Julien Vermillard helps us navigate.

Democracy innit

XRebel: Commoditising the profile market

ZeroTurnaround CEO Jevgeni Kabanov give JAXenter the full story on nifty new tool XRebel, the “always-on” interactive Java profiler.

JCP for you and me

Azul Systems CTO on Lambda binging and upping Java community input

Gil Tene explains why he’d like to see wider participation in putting together final Java builds, and why we‘re going to see some overuse of certain Java 8 features.

Like peanut butter and jelly

Insight into the Eclipse Science Working Group

Dr. Philip Wenig on the power of community convergence, and why open source and science make the perfect pairing.

Charting a flexible course

Cory Isaacson: “MapDB is a pure Java database, for Java developers”

Inside the database that carves out its own agile paradigm around application needs.

Iterating all the time

Java 8 support in Eclipse

Martin Lippert talks about the latest Java release and the ups, downs, and aspirations of Eclipse IDE development.

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