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Iterating all the time

Java 8 support in Eclipse

Martin Lippert talks about the latest Java release and the ups, downs, and aspirations of Eclipse IDE development.

The buzz

“If you are currently using AS7, then you should really check out WildFly”

WildFly project lead Jason Greene outlines the best reasons for switching to the server, what he likes about Java 8, and the road ahead for the server.

Be nice, you must

Let a GitHub trainer knock down your barriers to collaboration

Time to douse those internal firewalls and open-source your internal projects - it’ll make things so much simpler.

Inside AdaCore

“Security is one of the biggest problems for the IoT right now”

AdaCore’s Jamie Ayre talks Ada development, embedded, and the perils of the Internet of Things.


The cutting edge of JavaFX

Hendrik Ebbers on what‘s new with JavaFX. How does it rate next to Swing, and can we expect a desktop renaissance?

Chronology crunchin’

The new Java 8 Date and Time API: An interview with Stephen Colebourne

Why was this new feature so critical, and could static and default methods on interfaces be more important than the all-singing, all-dancing lambdas?

The importance of being embedded

Java as a “global language” for embedded solutions

Régis Latawiec gives us an expert overview of the evolving embedded market, and explains why Java is his number one choice for bringing the world of interconnected objects to…


Can this Kickstarter fill the craters in Eclipse?

Pascal Rapicault - the man behind the EasyEclipse proposal - tells us why he believes in a commercial IDE, and what’s behind Eclipse community dissatisfaction.

Freshly ground

What's the relevance of the Java desktop in a world that's tilting towards mobile?

Geertjan Wielenga quizzes the authors of "NetBeans Platform for Beginners" about why they want to add to the Java desktop conversation at this stage in the game.

Critical thinking

Typesafe CTO: the Reactive future on the JVM is very bright

Typesafe's Jonas Bonér explains why the Reactive Manifesto is key for the for the future of high quality development - and why it’s good news for Java devs.

Sweet deal

Why CloudBees' Java focus sealed the deal on Verizon Cloud partnership

CloudBees CEO Sacha Labourey explains more this new venture, and tells JAX how the cloud is amping up Java’s cool factor.

Big talk bigger data

Couchbase: “We’re not afraid of MongoDB”

NoSQL CEO Bob Wiederhold outlines his plans for world domination - one enterprise at a time.

Get as freaky as you want

LiveRebel 3.0 is here - and it’s up for even the weirdest environments

JAXenter catches up with ZeroTurnaround CEO Jevgeni Kabanov for the for the full story on the multi-app release capable update.

A sneaky peek

JAX London preview: What we can expect from Keynote Speaker Jamie Allen

With just one week to go to JAX London, we’re catching up with our keynoters for a little taster of what they've got in store.

PaaS it on

SAP HANA Cloud Platform – An open PaaS from SAP

In the first of a series of articles, Matthias Steiner walks us through the basics of SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

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