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Putting 'fun' into the future

Java 8: More functional relational transformation

Lukas Eder reiterates why ORM is out, and why it's time to ditch the dogma and embrace a new functional programming approach.

Tech giant romance

Apple <3 IBM: The enterprise mobility alliance

Two age-old rivals are teaming up to collaborate on a new kind of enterprise mobility. But what does it mean for developers?

It’s not square to be hip

Talking abou HipChat: the real-time, unified collaboration platform

JAXenter gets the inside story on the tool helping to up productivity in achingly cool startups around the globe.

Heads up Tweeps

Don't miss the inaugural JAX Twitter live Q&A sessions - feat. Steve Millidge

Kicking off at 5pm GMT, Steve will be taking control of our Twitter. Read on for a taste of what's in store from the C2B2 middleware expert.

Social data

Ten questions on Cassandra

Mapping the Cassandra journey, and looking ahead to the future.

Oh Node!

JavaScript security issues loom over Node.js

Developers on urged to be aware of potential issues from client-side cousin.


10 common mistakes Java developers make when writing SQL

Java devs operate on a blend of object-oriented and imperative thinking - but when it comes to writing SQL, everything can quickly go to pot. Are you guilty?

A la mode

Data-centric GitHub-alike site in business with $2m injection

Data analytics hub Mode opens beta version of service for info crunching masses to share work and build a rep for themselves.

Engine that can

Why Nginx is outmaneuvering Apache

CEO Gus Robertson gives JAX the full story on the reverse proxy server with serious ambitions.

See for yourself

Google Go 1.3: Better than C?

With zippier performance, better tooling, and additional support for diverse environments, Chocolate Factory language gives C a run for its money.

Just crate

Packer unloaded

The creators of VM automation tool Vagrant have released a helpful new virtualization tool.

All in this together

Daily Scrums explained

Forget boring, stuffy meetings: this is your team’s daily synchronization tool.

Assert like a boss

Red Hat JBoss BRMS & BPM Suite: Best practices

Get the most out of Red Hat's BRMS & BPM Suite, with the help of Eric Schabell & Edson Tirelli.

Limited edition, yo

JAX Magazine: Innovation Awards 2014 Special

Featuring exclusive interviews with JFrog, Vert.X, Docker, and more - get inside the minds of the top Java and open source movers and shakers in 2014.

Like a fluffy katamari

Cloud Foundry Foundation continues to swell

Spun-out Pivotal body gains momentum as big names put their support (and their cash) into the potential PaaS leader.

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