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Conceptual curve

A new front for SOA: Open API and API management as a game changer – Part I

A deep dive into the concepts of Open API and the obstacles and opportunities it presents.

Watch your language

The most dangerous word in the English language for all developers

When you’re programming in a language as complex as Java all day long, you can forget how much can go wrong for devops when speaking a language like English.

Waiting on nine

Java 9 features announced!

New APIs, performance features and modular source code are the first features to be confirmed for Oracle’s next major Java release

Coding to music

Why you should listen to music while coding (and what kind to listen to)

Is there such a thing as the ‘right’ music for programming? And can we even be sure it has a good effect?

Jealous Java

Top 10 Ceylon language features Java wishes it had

Java 8 did well to steal ideas from Scala, but here's a list of sweet Ceylon programming features that Java developers can still only dream about.

Little thing...big mess

Simple SQL injection vulnerability to blame for biggest ever theft of passwords

Securing an API against SQL injection is relatively simple, and yet 420,000 websites have fallen victim to the old-school hack

Hip tech

The in-tools: ten technologies you should know about

RebelLabs has created a list of the modern tech world's most popular new programs and languages – how many do you know?

What’s the big idea?

Actian launches its Big Data Clear Path Program for faster analytics insights

Actian tell us about how their new analytics program is going to make big data projects easier for all of us

No Bull!

How far wide open is Microsoft going?

Microsoft announces big policy on open source to change - to mixed reception.

Scaling out

Python squeezes out Java to be top learning language

8 out of 10 newbie devs are now getting their first taste of programming at uni with the multi-paradigm lingo.

Putting 'fun' into the future

Java 8: More functional relational transformation

Lukas Eder reiterates why ORM is out, and why it's time to ditch the dogma and embrace a new functional programming approach.

Tech giant romance

Apple <3 IBM: The enterprise mobility alliance

Two age-old rivals are teaming up to collaborate on a new kind of enterprise mobility. But what does it mean for developers?

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