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Iterating all the time

Java 8 support in Eclipse

Martin Lippert talks about the latest Java release and the ups, downs, and aspirations of Eclipse IDE development.

Giving it some welly

Installer tool ‘Oomph’ proposed as Eclipse project

As part of the Eclipse Tool project, Oomph could provide a welcome boost to Eclipse IDE user experience.

We've got your back

Eclipse now bang up to date for Java 8

Although it took some time to get there, all Luna 4.4 builds now contain Eclipse support for Java 8, and patches are available for Kepler SR2 (4.3.2).


Can this Kickstarter fill the craters in Eclipse?

Pascal Rapicault - the man behind the EasyEclipse proposal - tells us why he believes in a commercial IDE, and what’s behind Eclipse community dissatisfaction.

Get pitching

JAX London 2014 Call for Papers: It’s on

JAX is returning to London for 2014 in October - and we’re looking for high calibre Java and JVM experts to step forth and share their knowledge.

Choose wisely

Evaluating NoSQL performance: Which database is right for your data?

Sergey Sverchkov explains how you can cut through the masses of NoSQL marketing jargon and find the perfect database for your project.

Days of Future Past

Our pundits predict what’s in store for Java in 2014

We’ve rounded up some pretty canny people from the sector to forecast their expectations for Java in 2014 and resolutions, for the months ahead, as well as personal highs…

We’re all in this together

M2M Alliance and Eclipse: Working to fight the dark forces of fragmentation

World’s largest IoT organisation joins forces with open source giant to help steer the future of the technology.

The Internet of Things is here

Discussing M2M at Eclipse with Ian Skerrett and Benjamin Cabé

With a flurry of new developments, we talk to those at the heart of the Eclipse M2M movement to discuss what's new.

The Solar System of Things

The Eclipse M2M universe

With the number of Eclipse M2M projects continuing to grow, here's an infographic from March's JAX Magazine showing how they all interlink

One To Watch

Eclipse bolsters M2M portfolio with proposed OSGi container Kura

Just what the Internet of Things needed - a new Eclipse project dedicated to bringing OSGi capabilitities to M2M.

New in Eclipse Kepler

Introducing EMF Diff/Merge - chat with Olivier Constant, project lead

As Eclipse Kepler arrived this week, Eclipse Magazin managed to secure big interviews. Diana Kupfer speaks to Olivier Constant, project lead for the EMF Diff/Merge Eclipse…

Smarten up your data again!

Tutorial: Eclipse BIRT Designer Perspective

On Tuesday, we were introduced to the BIRT engine pipeline. This time round, Jason Weathersby and Ray Gans look at each of the Eclipse Views that make up the BIRT Designer…

Pulling into the platform

Can Eclipse Kepler get the platform back on track?

Java EE 7 support and Orion improvements are on the menu for the open source’s latest release train

Tutorial Part One

Smarten up your data with Eclipse BIRT

From March's JAX Magazine, former Eclipse BIRT evangelist Jason Weathersby guides us through some of the major features within the business intelligence reporting toolkit

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