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Proprietary vs Open Source

Neo4J and the power of Open Source

Neo4J's Max de Marzi shows us why working with open-source software can be way better than the proprietary equivalent.

DB engine comparison

The top 10 SQL and NoSQL databases

A comparison of the major features of the top ten SQL and NoSQL databases.

Payment security

Online payment risk management with Neo4j

Max De Marzi shows us how to increase payment security by using Neo4j to check for relationships that increase the risk.

Paradigm smashing

In Flux: Martin Lippert on the mission to bridge the desktop and cloud IDE divide

Pivotal‘s Martin Lippert outlines Eclipse's groundbreaking new server-facing project.

Tech romance

Docker partners up with VMware

Docker, the lightweight alternative to virtual machines, is to integrate more smoothly with VMware’s line of products

Red cloud

Red Hat to release CloudForms 3.1 update

Red Hat has announced a number of new features to be added to its open hybrid cloud management solution in September

Key-value store

Ever heard of HamsterDB?

Licensed by Apache-2, Hamster DB is a database system similar to other key-value stores except that its keys can be defined.

Database support

MongoDB adds paid support for community edition

With a new approach to production support, MongoDB is giving frugal community edition users a taste of the enterprise experience

Engine of disruption

Nginx interview: Going enterprise and launching Nginx Plus r4

CEO Gus Robertson talks about the company’s growing user base and what it is that’s made Nginx the most popular web server

Clouding up

Riak is taking its S3 cloud storage software even higher

The database pros behind Riak tell us about the latest update to their CS cloud storage solution

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