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Up and away

An OpenShift primer

Hang on to your hats and stand by for launch into the Clouds - how to get your first OpenShift based application deployed in minutes!

Red and blue

Oracle and Microsoft joint-offering is on

Combative software giants have formed a friendly alliance to take on the forces of AWS.

New vistas

VMware launches service to enable easy desktop delivery in the cloud

VMware go live with ‘Horizon DaaS’ as trend for cloudy companies to drift towards higher-functioning offerings picks up pace.

Get pitching

JAX London 2014 Call for Papers: It’s on

JAX is returning to London for 2014 in October - and we’re looking for high calibre Java and JVM experts to step forth and share their knowledge.

Buzz ting

CloudBees collect $11.2 million for the hive

With new Verizon Ventures led cash injection, PaaS provider is well placed to become “go-to” guys for continuous delivery.

Pulling a Rackspace

Cloud Foundry to strike out from Pivotal home

PaaS project released to be developed into new foundation, opening the door for a new wave of sign-ups.

Sweet deal

Why CloudBees' Java focus sealed the deal on Verizon Cloud partnership

CloudBees CEO Sacha Labourey explains more this new venture, and tells JAX how the cloud is amping up Java’s cool factor.

Big talk bigger data

Couchbase: “We’re not afraid of MongoDB”

NoSQL CEO Bob Wiederhold outlines his plans for world domination - one enterprise at a time.

Up, up and away!

New Eclipse project to marry the desktop IDE and the cloud takes flight

Proposal submitted for project “Flight”, which aims to provide infrastructure for integrating dev tools across desktop, browser, and servers.

A recipe for honey

Jenkins creator Kohsuke Kawaguchi on applying his “not-so-secret sauce” to CloudBees

Newly installed CTO talks to JAXenter about the road ahead, the importance of elasticity, and some interesting applications of continuous integration.


Happy birthday Eclipse Foundation! : 5 noteworthy initiatives from the past decade

Established in 2004, the Eclipse Foundation has become a shining testament to what truly open-source development can achieve. Here are just a few highlights.

You get what you give

IBM has $7 billion dollar ambition for cloud in 2015

Having announced its sky high targets for the year ahead, IBM puts its money where its mouth is with further $1.2 billion commitment to company offerings.

Nifty - but is it performant?

Google puts HDFS-less Hadoop in its cloud

Don’t worry about the file system for your precious Big Data, says Google – just keep it in our Cloud Storage.

I’ll be there for you

CentOS makes friends with Red Hat

Community Linux distribution leaders hail a “new era” as corporate giant pours resources into project.

Analysts place their bets

Rising in popularity? Why 2014 is the year of hybrid cloud

In the wake of NSA revelations, are on-premise datacenters about to become fashionable once again?

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