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Red cloud

Red Hat to release CloudForms 3.1 update

Red Hat has announced a number of new features to be added to its open hybrid cloud management solution in September

Key-value store

Ever heard of HamsterDB?

Licensed by Apache-2, Hamster DB is a database system similar to other key-value stores except that its keys can be defined.

Database support

MongoDB adds paid support for community edition

With a new approach to production support, MongoDB is giving frugal community edition users a taste of the enterprise experience

Clouding up

Riak is taking its S3 cloud storage software even higher

The database pros behind Riak tell us about the latest update to their CS cloud storage solution

Little thing...big mess

Simple SQL injection vulnerability to blame for biggest ever theft of passwords

Securing an API against SQL injection is relatively simple, and yet 420,000 websites have fallen victim to the old-school hack

Tech giant romance

Apple <3 IBM: The enterprise mobility alliance

Two age-old rivals are teaming up to collaborate on a new kind of enterprise mobility. But what does it mean for developers?

Making a splash

Docker hits 1.0 release milestone

Open source superstar Docker 1.0 is now GA, complete with stable production-ready, backward compatible and feature-complete software.

Who made the cut?

Community voting now open for the JAX Innovation Awards 2014

You've submitted your nominations, now it's time to cast your vote for the cream of the developer community 2014.

Up and away

An OpenShift primer

Hang on to your hats and stand by for launch into the Clouds - how to get your first OpenShift based application deployed in minutes!

Red and blue

Oracle and Microsoft joint-offering is on

Combative software giants have formed a friendly alliance to take on the forces of AWS.

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